Three Birds Renovations x Sony | Lounge Room – Choosing A Dolby ATMOS Sound Bar

Made in partnership with our mates at Sony.

You could say we’re sometimes guilty of neglecting much of the whizz-bang, fancy AV stuff in our renos. Our budget is usually bulging with all the practical things #builders #materials #appliances and the pretty stuff #sofas #cushions #candles, so the entertainment and tech side of things often gets left as a bit of an after-thought #technofail.

Bonnie and her family love to entertain, but blaring tunes from their old TV wasn’t really cutting the mustard for house parties. So Bon was thrilled when the kind folks from Sony Australia rocked up at her place with two brand-new Dolby Atmos® sound bars, the HT-X9000F and HT-Z9RF, to road test.

Picking Out the Right Lumber for Your Woodworking Bench Plans

When selecting the right lumber for your woodworking bench plans, you must properly examine the lumber you want to use before buying it. The most important thing you want to check out on your lumber is defects.

Introduction to Woodworking Plans and Designs

In the world of woodworking plans and designs there are a multitude of choices. How does one sort through all the options and know what plans and designs are right for them? We attempt to match the plans and designs with the individual. There are some woodworking plans to avoid and you need to know how to choose. You also need to know some of the more innovative features the better plans contain. This article and the referenced material at the end of the article cover these and many other topics.

An Inside Guide to Properly Sealing Granite Counter-Tops

Granite countertops are a heavy investment for your home. By maintaining a proper sealant coating on your counter, you can ensure that its value is also preserved.

Preparing Your Home For the Changing Climate

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year when lazy summer days fade quietly into the cooler days of fall. The turning of the season brings many changes, most significantly, temperature differences. As most of us marvel at the changing colors and watch the wildlife prepare for another winter, we often forget that we, like the busy little critters around us, should be preparing our homes for the upcoming climate changes as well.

Woodworking Plans and Designs

For centuries, most people have been involved in woodworking and have designed brilliant plans. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman who is proud of some crafted items created, there is an assortment of woodworking plans available. Woodworking is undoubtedly the best and most efficient way to bring creativity in you.

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