We Filmed a Movie !?

Before we created this channel Jeff and Max produced a 45 minute family film back in 2015. As a treat to our viewers during this difficult time, family comes first. All the best, stay strong!

WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnyxerX5gUM

Staring: Chantal Despatie, Jeff Thorman and Catherine Mary Clark
Also featuring: Jessica Leduc, Cass Lavigne, David Moskal, Pavel Lubanski, and Sebastian BOurguignon

Written and Directed
Maximilian Moskal

Assistant Director
Tara Burr

Original Score
Anthony “Apollo Creed” Jarrett

Second Assistant Director
Jessica Leduc

Script Supervisor
Tara Burr

Location Sound
Jon Sydor
Laszlo Szijarto

Production Assistants
Jessica Leduc
David Moskal
Sebastien Bourguignon
Jon Sydor

Car Wrangler
Sebastien Bourguignon

Maximilian Moskal

Chief of Lighting
Larry Munn

Second Camera
Tara Burr

Craft Services
Jessica Leduc
Gilles Presseau

Dog Wrangler
Michelle Thorman

Kate Parkhouse

Maximilian Moskal

(In order of appearance)

Sam – Chantal Despatie
Jack – Jeff Thorman
Sophia – Catherine Mary Clark
Jessica – Cassandra Lavigne
Donny – David Moskal
Dangerous Driver – Jessica Leduc
Wake Guest 1 – Krystyna Moskal
Wake Guest 2 – Ewa Moskal
Wake Guest 3 – Elle Astle
Wake Guest 4 – Jessica Leduc
Michael – Sebastien Bourguignon
Shopper – Laura Chaulk
Clumsy Customer – Pavel Lubanski
Isabelle – Jessica Leduc

Opening Theme
All your Choices – Danielle Allard

Store theme
Equally Disguised Perfect Lover – The Ramblin’ Valley Band

Special Thanks

To Kathy, Ivan, Julie and the Matthews Family
for providing the farm.

To Gilles Presseau, Leigh, Ian providing us
the fence location and additional craft

To Krystyna Moskal for assembling bouquets for
the wake and gravesite

To Sebastien Bourguignon and his father
for providing the 1955 Chevy 150

To the Thorman family for providing the dining
room for the night scene

To the people of
Dalmeny Ontario for providing outlets

To Larry Munn Lighting & Grip

To Pizza Mia in Orleans Ontario.
8154 Jeanne D’Arc Blvd N, Orleans

To Laura Chaulk of Snazzy Seconds
2405 St. Joseph blvd. Orleans, ONT

To Affinity Productions for providing smoke
machines and additional lighting.

To Lynda Demers for providing the crew
with sandwiches.

To André Bourguignon for coming down to fix
the Chevy when it actually broke down.

To Mariusz Moskal for moral support from the
other side of the world.

Shot on location in Ontario Canada

Dedicated to Wieslaw Moskal,

Produced by Subdivision Films & Moskal Multimedia
©Subdivision Films 2015

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